Important new information for all our patients

The Mayflower Medical Centre is introducing a new additional method of booking an appointment.

From Monday 1st July, those with a Patient Access Account will be able to book appointments online, which we hope will help our patients save time on the telephone or queuing at the surgery.

The appointments available on line will be:

  • Limited GP appointments
  • Minor Illness Appointments (with a nurse practitioner who can prescribe)
  • Routine Appointments with our Practice Nurses

Please be aware that this does NOT mean that there are fewer appointments available via the traditional routes. Some of the appointments now have to be offered online, but the slots you are able to see online can still be booked by speaking to reception, either over the telephone or in person.

When you log into your Patient Access you will see appointments that are available on line only with the following clinicians:

  • Your named GP
  • Nurse – Routine Appointments
  • Nurse Practitioner – Minor Illness Appointments

You will need to select the date and time of the appointment that you want to book with the appropriate clinician.

It is really important that you add in the comments the reason for your appointment.

If a reason is not entered you will be contacted and your appointment will be cancelled.

To ensure you book your appointment with the appropriate clinician, we have outlined below the relevant criteria for each to help you.

We would like to point out that it is very important that you do follow this guidance, as any appointments that are booked inappropriately will NOT be honoured and you will need to rebook that appointment.

Please find below details of the on-line appointments that can be booked by you

Nurse Routine Appointments

  • Routine Injections (excluding travel)
  • Repeat contraception
  • Complex Wound Management and Dressings

Nurse Practitioner Minor Illness Appointments

  • Sore Throats
  • Infections (Including chest infections)
  • Ear Pain
  • UTI’s

GP Appointments

  • Long Term Conditions
  • Critical lllnesses

Not all appointments can be booked on line, examples of which are:

  • Chest Pain
  • Abdominal Pain

 Any patient that does not have access to patient access please ask at reception.

Any patient who needs help with the access, please book an appointment with Ben on a Wednesday evening – He will be more than happy to help you

The practice would like to thank all our patients and we hope that you will enjoy the new improved additional way of booking your appointments.