Statement of Intent

New contractual arrangements came into force on 1st April 2014 requiring GP practices to make available a statement of intent in relation to the following IT developments:

  • Summary Care Record (SCR)
  • GP to GP Record Transfers (GP2GP)
  • Patient Online Access to their GP Record

The same contractual obligations require that we have a statement of intent regarding these developments in place and publicised by 30th September 2014.

Please find below details of the arrangements Mayflower Medical Centre has in place for these developments.

Summary Care Record (SCR)

The SCR is a short summary of vital patient information. It is automatically created for anyone registered with a GP practice in England, unless you specifically choose to opt out.

The SCR is designed to help other medical professionals who may need to care for you but are not familiar with your medical history, such as a district nurse or paramedic. It includes the following as a minimum:

  • Information about your current medication
  • Information about allergies or bad reactions to medicines
  • Your name, address, date of birth and NHS number

You can also choose to have additional information included, such as long term conditions, significant medical history, or communication requirements. If you wish to have this information included, please fill in this form and return it to the surgery.

You also have the right to opt out of having a SCR, but doing so means that NHS healthcare staff caring for you may not be aware of your allergies, current medications, or bad reactions to medicines. As such, they may not able to treat you safely in an emergency.

If you choose to opt out of the scheme, you will need to complete an opt out form and bring it along to the surgery.

NHS England requires practices to enable successful automated uploads of any changes to patient summary information, at least on a daily basis, to the SCR or to have published plans to achieve this by 31st March 2015.

Mayflower Medical Centre confirms that your SCR is already automatically updated on at least a daily basis to ensure that your information is as up to date as it can possibly be.

GP to GP Record Transfers (GP2GP)

NHS England requires practices to use the GP2GP facility for the transfer of patient records between practices when a patient registers or de-registers. This does not apply to temporary patient registrations.

It is very important that you are registered with a doctor at all times. If you leave your GP and register with a new GP, your medical records will be removed from your previous doctor and forwarded to your new GP via NHS England. It can take your paper records several weeks to reach your new practice.

With GP2GP transfers, your electronic record is transferred to your new practice much sooner.

Mayflower Medical Centre confirms that GP2GP transfers are already active and that we send and receive patient records via this system.

Patient Online Access to their GP Record

NHS England requires practices to promote and offer the facility to enable patients to access appointments, prescriptions, allergies and adverse reactions online or have published plans in place to achieve this by 31st March 2015.

Mayflower Medical Centre confirms that the facility to order repeat prescriptions online is already active. In addition, patients can already update contact details, medical details and provide BP monitor readings online. If you do not already have a username and password for this system, you can apply for Patient Access here or by asking at reception. Please note that you have to be over the age of 16 to use Patient Online Access.

Mayflower Medical Centre will also be offering patients the facility to access their own summary information from their records relating to medication, allergies, adverse reactions and any other items that may have previously been agreed between the practice and the patient.