Patient Participation Group

We always aim to provide the best possible service to all our patients. To help us continue to do this we would like patients to join our Patient Participation Group (PPG).

Members of the PPG will be representative of our community. We hope to recruit a wide range of patients so that a broad spectrum of views and opinions are represented.

When a service is introduced or changed, we like to think it will be to the benefit of our 18,000 patients. However, we realise that we may sometimes get this wrong.

With our PPG in place we will be able to contact the members to ask for their opinion by email. All members are welcome to attend our quarterly meetings at the surgery,  and the date for the next meeting can be found in the minutes of the previous meeting. Alternatively you can be a virtual member. All members are invited to email suggestions for discussion at the next meeting.

Join the PPG

PPG Upcoming Meeting Dates

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at 5pm