How to see your doctor

The Mayflower Medical Centre aims to provide good access and continuity of care for all of our patients. Although results from our Patient Survey show 86% of patients are satisfied with our service, we continually review and consider whether there are any potential areas for improvement

On average 2,700 GP appointments per year are wasted through patients not attending their requested appointments. In addition to this we recognise that many consultations can be dealt with differently. To meet the ever increasing demand on our service and to ensure we use our clinicians as efficiently and effectively as possible, we made the decision in July 2013 to launch a new appointment system by which you will speak to a GP prior to making and attending your appointment.

To book an appointment 

To cancel an appointment

Appointments will be booked by the GP rather than the receptionist. If you request an appointment with your GP, the receptionist will take your name and current telephone number and if appropriate, add you to your GP’s telephone triage list. Some problems can be dealt with over the telephone, but the GP will arrange an appointment for a consultation if required.

We hope, that by speaking to your GP first, we can make good use of both your time and the doctor’s. For example, your GP might ask you to have a blood test prior to your appointment, and then when you come in, he / she will have your results to hand.

As always, if you think you are suffering from life threatening conditions such as a heart attack or stroke your first action must be to dial 999, not your GP.

We try, wherever possible, to encourage patients to see the GP with whom they are registered as we feel that this promotes continuity of care and a closer doctor-patient relationship. If your own GP is unavailable and it is not something that can wait until their return, you will be offered a telephone triage slot with another GP in the practice. All patients have a “named GP” who is responsible for their care. If you are unsure who your named GP is, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help you.

Why does the receptionist need to ask what’s wrong with me?

Our receptionists will ask you for a brief reason why you need a GP or nurse appointment. Our clinical staff have specifically asked for these details to be collected, both to ensure that you are booked in with the appropriate clinician and to enable GPs to prioritise their calls. It is not a case of the receptionist being nosy and if you prefer, you can ask to speak to them in private.

If you are adamant that you do not want to provide any details, the receptionist will respect this, but it may mean that your call is not appropriately prioritised or that you get booked in with the wrong clinician. Should the latter occur, you will be asked to book another appointment with the appropriate clinician and there is no guarantee that you will be seen the same day.

When is my GP in practice?

Please use the table below to see which days your GP is in the practice, and consider whether you are able to wait until their next surgery.

GP Days in Practice
Dr Mohamed Abu-Seido (M) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Dr Farman Ali (M) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Dr Lorna Burn (F) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Dr Daniel Catmull (M) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Dr Steven Kalynuk (M) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Dr Allan Smith (M) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AM, Thursday AM, Friday
Dr Drazena Susa (F) Tuesday, Wednesday
Dr Kwabena Twumasi (M) Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Extended Hours

From 1st September 2018, Mayflower Medical Centre will be open 8am – 8:30pm from Monday to Friday as part of a six month extended access trial. As well as offering extra appointments to our patients, we will also be offering a limited number of slots to patients from Great Bentley, Harewood and Fronks Road

Please note that the appointments from 6.30 – 8:30pm will be pre-book only.